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Automobile college is the key construction college of 211 Project and 985 advantageous disciplines of Chang'an University. Its predecessor is part of the specialty of Xi'an automobile machinery school. The college has gone through the Automobile Department of Xi'an Highway college, the automobile engineering school of Xi'an Highway Jiaotong University, and the automobile College of Chang'an University. The college has made a series of scientific research achievements in the basic and engineering technology research of highway transportation and commercial vehicles, and has developed into an important training base for senior scientific and technological talents and management talents of automobile transportation in China. Its alumni are all over the industry and have become the backbone of the construction and development of China's transportation industry and ethnic automobile industry.

At present, there are three national undergraduate teaching centers, one National Key Laboratory of traffic engineering, and one National Key Laboratory for undergraduate education. At present, the college has 157 staff and 10 national, provincial and ministerial experts with outstanding contributions. There are 3135 students in the University, including 2410 undergraduates, 600 postgraduates and 125 doctoral students.

The college has two national key disciplines: Vehicle Application Engineering and transportation planning and management; two post doctoral mobile stations of vehicle application engineering and vehicle engineering; two doctoral degree authorization points of transportation engineering and mechanical engineering; five second level doctoral degree authorization points, ten master's degree authorization points and four professional degree authorization points. Transportation engineering is listed in the national double first class construction discipline list, and vehicle engineering is a provincial and ministerial key discipline.

At present, the college has one national teaching team and two provincial teaching teams; three national characteristic specialties and two provincial characteristic specialties; three provincial excellent courses; one provincial Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Zone; one provincial transportation specialty experimental teaching center and two provincial famous brand specialties. At the same time, the college also has Xi'an automobile product quality supervision and testing station, Chang'an University Xi'an Changda highway traffic comprehensive performance testing station, Shaanxi Chang'an University motor vehicle evidence judicial appraisal center.

With a building area of more than 10000 square meters, the college has a human vehicle road environment three-dimensional dynamic simulation system, an electric vehicle test and research system, a vehicle comprehensive performance testing system, a moving particle laser holographic analysis system, a vehicle suspension seat test bench, an automobile driving performance comprehensive test system, a fst2a numerical control engine test bed, and a special equipment for automobile alternative fuel performance testing A batch of large-scale test, research, teaching instruments and equipment such as equipment, AVL large-scale drum emission analysis equipment, and the only automobile comprehensive performance test field in domestic colleges and universities covering an area of 450 mu (including commercial vehicle high-speed test loop, low adhesion coefficient test road and various typical roads).

The college is the executive director unit of China Automotive Engineering Society, the director unit of China internal combustion engine society, China Transportation Energy Research Association, automobile transportation society of China highway society, and traffic efficiency branch of China Ergonomics Society. It is the vice president unit of China bus Association and the chairman unit of road transportation sub Committee of National Transportation Engineering Teaching Steering Committee The national alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean automobile Professional Committee test and inspection center is authorized by Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of technical supervision and Xi'an Municipal Bureau of technical supervision for automobile comprehensive performance testing unit and automobile product quality supervision and testing unit, and is the motor vehicle material evidence division legal identification unit authorized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of justice.

The college actively carries out cooperation and academic exchanges with domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions, and maintains close cooperative relations with universities and research institutions, such as Brunk University in Germany, Michigan University of technology in the United States, Virginia Polytechnic University in the United States, Tokyo University in Japan, Kyoto University in Japan, Kobe University in Japan, Moscow automobile highway college in Russia and Automobile Research Institute in Japan Department.

After a long period of practice, the college has formed the spirit of self-improvement, seeking truth and pragmatism, unity and striving for excellence, and has won a good social reputation. In the new historical stage, the college adheres to the road of connotation development, characteristic development and harmonious development, comprehensively improves the level of teaching and scientific research and the quality of personnel training, and strives to build a high-level college with distinctive characteristics.

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